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Its not good for a man to be alone…I will make him an help meet.

Who We Are?


We are called to teach, preach, counsel, write and decorate MARRIAGE i.e we are into full gospel of Marriage.

We bring Hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless, even life to the. lifeless marriages, through the power of the Holy Ghost and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The rate at which divorce in marriages and separation in relationship is increasing now, attracts a great concern. This is as a result of people’s impression and perception about marriage.

Our Mission


To encourage and help the:

> singles to build a strong foundation ahead of their marriages, which will bring about peace, joy and happiness.

  >The married to have happy homes, and the ones with crack in their marriages to obtain permanent solution and enjoy their marriages without any fear of interference from any third party, and to also raise godly children. 

What We Do?


Counselling in many occasions is the compass of direction for leading people who know the value in the right way to avoid becoming a victim of the consequences of a wrong decision. Our door is opened to receive whosoever that is willing to come for marital counselling in our ministry, your matter shall be treated as priority to God.


We mentor people who are ready to succeed in their marriages, and those who have marriage as their ministry. Marriage ministry has many branches, your area of calling in marriage ministry may not be the same with another person’s. We do seminars, where we teach a category of people what they need to know about a particular point of marriage, as it's peculiar to them.


As a matter of fact, Pre-marital training remains the bedrock for achieving a successful marriage. No man who does not have the idea of swimming will want to jump into a sea, and if he does, he may not want to go near a domestic swimming pool any longer, not to talk of a sea, because the consequence of doing so is huge. To my own best of knowledge, anyone who has interest in swimming has the obligation to hire a coach who will put him or her through the system. Marriage is not an exception, there are many things the singles don't know about marriage which in the past have crashed many marriages, because the couples lacked the knowledge before getting into the business. Every serious profession requires that every candidate who desires to practice must first be trained. We placed so much importance in training intending couples before marriage. We have a very robust outline for taking candidates.


Our online Teaching is very fantastic, it's for both the singles and married. Questions and answers time is Inclusive.


We honour events and churches invitations to teach the singles of both genders, married of both genders, men alone and the women alone based on demand. As this promotes the progress and peace in churches and the communities at large.


We have packaged and put together resources that will guide and mentor you on your journey to a Godly relationship. Avail yourself of the free resources below.



BOOK 1: Importance of Pre-Marital Training to Marriage

Pre-marital training can be taken as a life wire to marriage itself.

There is no marriage that can record remarkable success without pre-knowledge of the institution. The importance of Pre-marital training to marriage can never be over emphasized. No wonder the Bible says in Luke 14:28

 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? NIV

Whether you are Curious about Relationship or Marriage and you would like to know more… Drop your Questions now…